Avoiding Accident-Related Lawsuits

Mistakes Property Owners Make That Lead To Slip And Fall Accidents

You might think that a slip and fall accident can happen anywhere, but these accidents sometimes occur when a business owner is negligent. However, there are several steps a business owner can take to protect their patrons. As such, you may be able to make a strong case for why you deserve compensation if the business is negligent. 

Steps That a Property Owner Should Take Against Slippery Surfaces

Whenever there is a spill, the property owner needs to put up a wet floor sign and quickly clean up the mess. If there is a source of the spill, the property owner needs to correct it. For example, there might be a burst pipe that is causing water to leak. 

During the winter, your property can easily become slippery because of snow and mud that get tracked into the building. Salting the area around your building can reduce the amount of ice and will also limit how wet the building might be inside. In addition, the property owner can put mats in place so that visitors can remove snow, dirt, and mud from their shoes.

Ways to Avoid Tripping and Falling

To prevent visitors from tripping and falling, a property owner needs to put in place adequate light so that visitors can see potential tripping hazards more easily. Common tripping hazards can include loose rugs and carpets, clutter, and loose cords.

What to Do If You Slip and Fall

If you attend a business and suffered a slip and fall injury, you will want to assess your injury. If you are too injured to move, you will want to contact emergency services and wait for them to arrive. If you are able to move without injuring yourself, make sure to photograph your environment\. This way, you can prove that you were injured due to how dangerous the surroundings were.

Regardless of whether you believe you're injured or not, you will want to receive an examination from a physician. If they are able to determine that there is something wrong, they will provide you with the necessary treatment. Then, you can begin the process of taking legal action against the property owner.

How to Take Legal Action

A slip and fall attorney will advise you on how to best take legal action. Your attorney will use the evidence you gathered and will conduct a full investigation. Then, they will negotiate a settlement on your behalf. Contact a slip and fall attorney for more information. 

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