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Has Your Elderly Loved One Been Abused By A Private Home Care Nurse?

Many families care for their elderly loved ones at home because of the stories they may have heard about nursing home abuse. Many of these families hire home care nursing professionals for helping with their older family members. However, what happens when you suspect the nursing professionals you hired to avoid abuse end up being the ones abusing your loved one? Learn more about elder abuse and the steps you need to take for protecting your elderly loved one while getting that person the compensation he or she deserves for being abused.

Take Photos And Write Down Important Details

When you first suspect any kind of elder abuse, making sure your suspicions are founded is extremely important. For example, an elderly person with severe dementia or Alzheimer's disease can be frightened by a small thing like the nurse accidentally pulling a tangle while combing his or her hair out. If you notice your elderly person suddenly being fearful of his or her nurse, it could be because the pain of the pulled tangle hurt, and in the mind of someone with dementia or Alzheimer's disease, it would make it seem a lot worse than it was in reality.

However, if your loved one acts fearful and has bruising that is unexplained, it would be a good idea to start suspecting abuse. Take photos of any unusual bruises or even small cuts your loved one has, especially if that person acts fearful of the nursing staff. Keep a journal of things your loved one does or says when the nursing staff is around him or her as well. One of the best ways to prove elder abuse is by having hidden surveillance cameras installed in your home. In this way, you will have everything you need to prove who did what to your elderly loved one on video.

When You Have Proof In Your Hand

When you have documented proof that the nursing staff visiting your home has abused your loved one, contacting an elder abuse attorney is important. An elder abuse attorney can help guide you through the first steps you will need to take for reporting the abuse to the proper authorities and about how you can sue the abusing staff or the agency they come from for compensating benefits.

You may be sickened at the thought of your elderly loved one being hurt by the person you trusted to care for him or her. Take steps to make sure your loved one is never hurt again and contact an elder abuse attorney now.

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