Avoiding Accident-Related Lawsuits

How A Lawyer Can Help If Your Baby Suffered From Brain Damage During Birth

Are you upset because your newborn has brain damage due to not receiving enough oxygen while you were in labor? It is possible that your medical physician did not do everything possible to prevent your child from suffering from brain damage. You can hire a lawyer and find out if you have a strong enough argument to sue for medical malpractice. Take a look at this article to find out how a lawyer can assist with your case by filing a lawsuit. 

1. Consult About Your Prenatal Care

The first thing that a malpractice will do is consult with you to ask questions about how the physician handled your prenatal care. For instance, you might be asked about any complications that you had before going into labor. The lawyer will want to know how the physician handled your complications. Your lawyer's goal will be to determine if your baby was in distress while in the womb, but the physician failed to take the proper precautions to keep him or her safe.

2. Prove That Negligence Was Probable

To prove that there is a chance that the physician treated you in a negligent manner, your lawyer will need a copy of your medical records. He or she will need the records to find out what your exact complications were documented as. The lawyer will then speak to other physicians to get their opinion about how they would have handled a pregnant woman in your condition.For instance, if the physician knew your baby was at risk for oxygen deprivation, he or she could have performed an early c-section depending on how far along you were.

3. Investigate the Physician

Your lawyer will conduct an investigation to find out if the physician has ever treated other pregnant women in a negligent manner. He or she will also look up court records to find out if the physician was taken to court for negligence in the past. Even if the physician was not found guilty of medical malpractice after being taking to court, the records might still be helpful in your case because it proves that he or she was accused in the past.

4. File a Petition for a Malpractice Lawsuit

After the lawyer has gathered enough evidence to prove that medical malpractice is likely, he or she will file a petition at the courthouse. The lawyer can help you get compensated for any medical expenses that your child might need on a long-term basis. You can also get paid for your pain and suffering, as well as counseling. Consult with a medical malpractice lawyer as soon as you can. Contact a business, such as R.J. Marzella & Associates, P.C., for more information.   

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Avoiding Accident-Related Lawsuits

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