Avoiding Accident-Related Lawsuits

Commonly Asked Questions By Car Accident Victims

An auto accident has the potential to cause extensive financial damages, and if you have recently been the victim of an accident that you was not your fault, it is possible for you to pursue damages against the other driver. However, when you go through this experience for the first time, you may not be very informed about how to proceed or what to expect. After you have the following few questions about auto accidents answered, you will be better prepared to navigate the process of recovering damages.

When Should You Speak To An Attorney Regarding Your Accident?

Unfortunately, there can be some individuals that make the mistake of delaying retaining the services of an attorney. However, it is important to provide measured responses to the insurance agency so as to avoid weakening your claim for damage. Often, these companies will ask you questions that are designed to implicate you in contributing to the accident, which can limit their liability for damages. By retaining an auto accident lawyer as soon as possible, you can ensure that you avoid incorrectly answering these questions because they will thoroughly review these questions and ensure you fully understand what they are asking.

What Should You Expect From Meeting With The Insurance Adjuster?

In order for your claim to be processed by the insurance company, an adjuster will be dispatched to evaluate the damage that your car sustained. During this meeting, the adjuster will thoroughly inspect your car to confirm the damages. They will likely take photographs, and they may want to ask you questions. During this meeting, the adjuster should only focus their questions on the damages the car sustained rather than the actions that led to the accident. Also, they should not be inquiring about any injuries that you suffered. If you are asked questions about these topics, you should avoid answering and return to discussing the damage to the car.

Will You Have To Take The Other Insurance To Trial To Collect?

You will likely want to avoid the expenses and stresses that can accompany a trial. Fortunately, it is often possible to settle these claims without resorting to a full trial. However, this will depend on the willingness of the insurance company to make a fair offer for your case, and it may take several weeks to months of negotiations before you will know whether a trial will be necessary. While you might not like the idea of going through a trial, you may not have another choice for compelling the insurance company to pay for your damages.

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Avoiding Accident-Related Lawsuits

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