Avoiding Accident-Related Lawsuits

Guidelines For A Wrongful Death Case

When you lose a loved one in a situation you feel was due to someone else's negligence or other contributing factor, you will need to move forward with the wrongful death case. This can be incredibly trying since you are already in mourning and will require legal assistance from a wrongful death attorney. To be sure that you are able to provide for yourself and defend the wrongful death of your loved one, consider these guidelines below and seek the assistance of a wrongful death attorney who can help you further.

Knowing what to prove in a wrongful death case

It is very important that you understand the scope of the wrongful death case. This is a civil case that is separate from any criminal charges that might be filed against the other party. In a wrongful death case, you and your lawyer must prove that the plaintiff caused the death of your loved one in a direct action. Some examples of this might include running a red light or driving recklessly. You must also prove that they did not take the proper care and precaution to avoid the incident from taking place. You must prove negligence with evidence that is substantial enough to prove that the other party is to blame.

Find the best wrongful death attorney

When looking for a wrongful death attorney, you should look deeply into their background to see all the wrongful death cases they have tried. In addition to this, ask for a specific ratio of how many cases they have won versus how many they have lost. Seek references from your area's Bar Association to make sure that the wrongful death lawyer that you charge comes highly recommended. Since this is such a sensitive matter that is highly emotional, communication is essential. Only hire a wrongful death attorney who you feel comfortable speaking with and who you sense has your true best interests in mind.

The cost of a wrongful death attorney

It is important to know the pricing structure involved with hiring a wrongful death lawyer. In most situations, this will be on a contingency plan. A contingency fee means that the lawyer will only get paid if you win your case. Contingency fees can account for anywhere between 10% of your damages to 50% of the damages you are awarded. Shop around for lawyers who charge the most reasonable contingency fees.

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Avoiding Accident-Related Lawsuits

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