Avoiding Accident-Related Lawsuits

Riding Passenger On A Motorcycle? Your Safety Begins With You

Summer's here and it's time to see the road on the back of a motorcycle. If you've never been the passenger on a motorcycle before, you might not realize that what you do—or don't do—can help you and the driver stay safe. Knowing the right way to ride as a passenger can help keep everyone safe. Here are four things you need to know before ride on the back of a motorcycle.

Use the Foot Pegs

Motorcycles come equipped with rear foot pegs. That's where you should place your feet through the entire ride. You may be tempted to stretch your legs during the ride, or place them on the ground at a stop to help balance the bike. Don't do it. Moving your feet from the pegs while the bike is moving can throw it out of balance, which could result in an accident. Placing your feet on the ground at a stop could cause you to come in contact with the exhaust pipe or the drive chain, both of which could cause serious injuries. Once the bike is in motion, leave your feet on the pegs until you reach your final destination.

Know Where to Place Your Hands

If you're feeling confused about where you place your hands, don't be. Climb on the back of the bike and place your hands on the driver's hips. Keeping your hands firmly on the driver's hips will help you focus on their movement. Your hands will be able to feel how the driver is shifting their weight, which will allow you to move in response.

Banking Includes You

If you've never been on the back of a motorcycle before, you might not realize that they bank around every corner. That means that the bike tilts slightly to adjust to the turn. Don't try to compensate for the turn by shifting in the opposite direction. If you do, the driver could lose control of the bike, which could cause a serious crash. Instead, keep your body lined up with the driver's body. When they turn to the left, focus over their left shoulder. When they turn to the right, focus over their right shoulder. This will ensure that your body is moving with the bank, instead of against it.

When it comes to riding on the back of a motorcycle, you're an active participant. Your safety depends as much on what you do as it does on what the driver does. If you are involved in an accident, be sure to speak to a motorcycle accident attorney promptly.

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Avoiding Accident-Related Lawsuits

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