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How An Attorney Can Help After A Child Is Attacked By A Neighbor's Dog

Was your child hospitalized after a neighbor's dog attacked him or her? If you are too upset to request money from the dog's owner, it is in your best interest to allow an attorney to assist with the situation. The dispute can be settled through mediation or court, depending on the cooperation of the other party. This article will give you a general idea of what an attorney can do to help you come out on top in your child's dog bite case.

1. Figuring Out Who is Liable

An attorney will begin assisting with your dispute by determining who is liable for your child getting attacked by the dog. Just because your neighbor is the dog's owner, it does not mean that he or she is automatically held liable for your child's injuries. For instance, if your child was in the neighbor's yard taunting the animal before the attack, your neighbor might not be held responsible. Your attorney might ask if there are any signs posted on your neighbor's property that warns people about the dog.

2. Calculating the Amount of Money Deserved

After your attorney determines that your neighbor is liable for your child's injuries from the dog, he or she will figure out how much money you should request. You will have to give the attorney receipts of your child's medical bills that were already paid, as well as a document that explain his or her future treatment plan. You can also provide proof of your lost wages that stemmed from having to miss work in order to tend to your child's medical appointments. Money can be requested for your child's pain and suffering as well. If your neighbor knew that the dog had violent tendencies and did nothing to keep him or her away from other people, you might be able to receive money for punitive damages.

3. Obtaining a Settlement

After your attorney has built a strong case on your behalf, he or she may speak to your neighbor's home insurance company to request a settlement. However, if your neighbor does not have home insurance coverage, the attorney will file a lawsuit through court. Your case might still go to court if your attorney is able to file an insurance claim, such as if the insurance company offers an unfair amount of money. Make an appointment with a dog bite attorney to discuss your child's injuries as soon as possible.

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