Avoiding Accident-Related Lawsuits

Four Ways A Truck Accident Attorney Can Strengthen Your Case After A Crash

Accidents involving semi-trailer trucks and other cargo carriers are often horrific in the destruction and injuries they cause, and the companies involved are typically eager to avoid paying victims what they are owed. If you have recently been involved in an accident with a semi trailer and believe that the driver or parent company are liable for the damages, you may have already run into a brick wall of rules, regulations and technicalities. Rather than attempting to wade through all of this on your own while putting your life back together, these are four reasons why a truck accident attorney can help you create a compelling case and get you the justice you deserve. 

Obtaining Driving Logs and Other Records

Trucking companies are required to keep detailed logs of their drivers' activity and workload, and they can provide valuable insights into the state of the driver at the time of the accident, as well as providing details about the crash itself. These logs are often time-sensitive, meaning you may not be able to access them if you wait too long to file a request. An attorney will know these deadlines and handle them for you, allowing you to focus on any medical procedures or car repairs that may be demanding your time as well. 

Navigating Local Laws and Regulations

Trucking companies must abide by several layers of regulations, but the complicated web of policies in place in most states can make it difficult for anyone but legal experts to interpret them. A specialized truck accident attorney can examine the details of your case and understand which laws apply to it, particularly in cases of negligence or an overworked driver. 

Determining Liability Between the Driver and Company

Some trucking accidents are the fault of the car driver, but in cases where the accident was caused by the truck driver, it must be determined where liability falls. A truck driver who has been on the road for 12 hours due to pressure from his or her employer may be less liable than the unethical company pushing unsafe work practices. Similarly, a failure to maintain a semi truck that leads to a catastrophic accident must be carefully examined to determine who is really at fault. As a general rule, you are likely to receive a higher figure for your pain and distress if the company itself is found to be at fault. 

Negotiating With Multiple Insurers

Trucking insurance is a complicated business, and many trucks and drivers carry multiple forms of insurance. This is necessary to provide adequate coverage for drivers, but it can make receiving payments a headache as different insurers attempt to pass the buck. Your attorney can handle these negotiations for you to ensure that you secure the fairest deal possible and emerge from the accident with the resources you need to move on. To find out more, speak with someone like The Jaklitsch Law Group.

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Avoiding Accident-Related Lawsuits

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